Hekate DT

The CGS HEKATE 338 signature suppressors are made specifically for host weapons firing 338 caliber projectiles including 338
Norma Magnum, 338 Lapua Magnum, and similar cartridges. Like all CGS rifle suppressors, the HEKATE features the first of its
type dual functionality and incorporates the Variable Core Diameter (VCD Technology) first pioneered by the CGS Hyperion 762.
The patented proprietary technology unique to CGS Group LLC rifle silencers is unlike anything the firearms industry has ever
seen before. This unique design allows for peak sound reduction and extreme reduction in flash signature as well as minimal and
repeatable point of impact shift. The HEKATE 338 suppression system provides for the maximum possible sound suppression in
the industry. This suppressor is available in 3/4×24. The HEKATE is available in 6AL4V (Grade 5) titanium and is an excellent precision rifle suppressor
displaying incredible suppression, light weight, and a very minimal 6 o’clock vertical on/off fleet POI shift. The HEKATE 338
signature suppressor doesn’t have any barrel length restrictions.

The HEKATE 338 core is made of Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS – 3D printed) heat treated 6AL4V (Grade 5) titanium. 6AL4V titanium
is used to significantly reduce system weight while maintaining high strength. The DMLS manufacturing process was
chosen as it allows for construction with less potential points of failure, lighter construction, improved sound reduction, and increased
durability. The VCD Technology increases sound performance significantly especially with supersonic ammo compared to
everything else available while also not sacrificing subsonic performance to achieve supersonic performance. It excels at both
without compromise.