+   Can you use Helios QD on 9mmNO! The bore tapers from .365 to .375. Typically 9mm projectiles are .355 this is not within the acceptable margin of safety we use for commercial purposes. Can it be done, yes. Should it be done no. The concentricity of the muzzle threads will be an immediate pass fail examination that could result in catastrophic damage and or injuries to user and bystanders. Don’t do this.

+   Barrel length restrictions for Hyperion K on 300 blackout – There is no barrel length restriction on 300 blackout supers or subs

+   Barrel length restrictions for Hyperion on 300 blackout – There is no barrel length restriction on 300 blackout supers or subs

+   How do I know when I need to use a Hyperion thread adapter – If the barrel diameter at the shoulder is .735 or larger the Hyperion thread adapter is not necessary. If the barrel diameter at the shoulder is less than .735 the shoulder will be insufficient in diameter to intersect the 90 degree shoulder on the can

+   Can I use Rocksett to secure direct thread suppressor – You can if you want to but a better way to secure it is to use a wrench to install it. If you put it on tight it will totally stay tight.

+   Is it safe to soak the stainless steel baffles from a Hydra SS in CLR for cleaning? – Absolutely. The only part I don’t soak in it is actually the rear cap / thread mount. CLR will strip the black nitride off fairly quickly. Other than that it works amazingly well on the remaining components.

+   Where do I purchase an O-ring for a MOD9 – We used a very common O-Ring https://www.amazon.com/O-Rings-018-Seals/s?rh=n%3A16413611%2Cp_11%3A018 018 is the size designation for the O-Ring.  It is only necessary to replace the o-ring if it becomes damaged or lost. Lubricate the piston / O-ring engagement surface and it will last a long time. Home Depot and Lowe’s has these things in stock even some local hardware stores.

+   Can the CGS MOD9 safely handle 357 mag calibers? – You absolutely can. Just use the fixed barrel spacer and the piston with the appropriate thread pitch to address your weapon system.

+   CGS MOD9 series calibers – Simply this. If it is handgun caliber with projectile diameter less than .39 it’s good to go subs or supers. Any rimfire chambering is fine even up to and including 5.7×28 subs or supers. If it is a centerfire rifle caliber with a projectile diameter less than .39 it’s good to go with subsonic rounds.

+   Hyperion, Hyperion K, Helios QD, Helios QD Ti, Helios DT – The bore diameter is .365 tapered to .375 at the exit aperture 

+   What are the mounting options for a Helios QD – 1.375×24 QD mounts and their selection of corresponding muzzle devices from the following manufacturers will work in this suppressor.

+   Cleaning – A cup full of CLR and I dump all the aluminum parts in this to submerge them. Leave them sitting for an hour or so and what’s not dissolved easily wipes clean. Don’t use CLR on the black nitride steel components like the piston, blast baffle, or piston housing as it will strip the black nitride off fairly quickly.  I find myself using brake clean and a brush on the nitride parts but the ultrasonic would be fine for those as well.

+    How do you remove the front cap on a rifle suppressor – When these are installed we use this method. One ratchet held in a bench vise with the 7/8 socket pointed vertically. The suppressor is placed with the hex feature on the mount side into that socket and it will sit there vertically without having to hold it. A second ratchet with a 7/8 socket is placed down on top of the front cap. Turning the top ratchet counterclockwise will remove the front cap. It was installed at 35ftlbs and is secured by a taper so it’s going to take some force but it’s definitely simple using this method.

+   Do you recommend removing the washer from an AR when using the Hyperion thread adapter – We do not recommend the use of washers or shims behind any muzzle device used to mount a suppressor. They are not necessary and most of these when speaking of the m4 pattern systems is a crush washer. They are not flat longitudinally and will cause a concentricity problem for suppressor mounting. Set aside any parts that reside in between the muzzle device and the barrel of the weapon system and directly attach the muzzle device to the barrel.

A 7/8 socket or wrench will allow you to put some torque on those threads 25-30ft lbs is a good recommendation or nice and tight if you’re not using a torque wrench which is fine. Thread lock compound is great here as well rockset or loctite work for me. This will cause the muzzle device to stay attached to the gun rather than being removed when the suppressor is threaded off of the system.

+   Do you intend on releasing your own QD muzzle devices – As a vocal opponent of QD anything due to:

Cost added

Length added

Weight added

Induced poi shift

Reduced poi shift repeatability

Significant tolerance stacking

Induced concentricity issues

Potential failure of mounting solution retention (shot the can off the muzzle device)

Potential for user installation error

It’s not quick detach if the can is 700f

Carbon lock on muzzle devices

I can go on but this is a good list

In exchange for the ability to achieve absolutely nothing that can’t be achieved by directly threading the can on the weapon. It is doubtful that we will offer a solution to this unless it is also a solution to the list of problems caused by doing it in the first place. I want to solve these problems but get pretty sidetracked when they can actually all be solved by direct thread.

I’ve heard all the reasons why people think this is necessary and haven’t heard a valid one yet aside from a guy with the need to pin and weld a muzzle device for host legal length. Even that has a better solution if you SBR the gun you can no longer be forced to anchor your mounting solution options or configuration of the system itself.

Hopefully that makes sense. I’m not into QD stuff and if I was we would make it. It’s just not my desire to introduce something that has proven to be problematic for end users regardless of their level of experience.